Facebook made me do it


I’ve been negligent about blogging for several weeks.  I also became disillusioned with Open Salon and deleted all my posts there, which is a shame because I had developed something of an audience there. I just didn’t feel comfortable with the direction the site was headed. Their decision to place advertising on my blog that I have no control over was the final straw.

I wasn’t too sure about Facebook when I first joined it either. I do not find it to be a very intuitive, user-friendly place. However, I have found some value in it since re-connecting with some long lost friends and making at least some new ones already.  It’s proven to be a great place to stay in touch with family AND to network with other AIDS dissidents and rethinkers.  That’s a pretty big accomplishment.

When I tried to  link this blog to my Facebook page, it was kind enough to notice that I haven’t posted anything new in 30 days, so it isn’t going to update there.  It will also take having at least  four friends sign up as “followers” (hint, hint) in order to get the Facebook servers to check for new material on a regular basis.

In my defense, this isn’t a full-time project for me. And there are a couple of recent “AIDS studies” that I’ve been wanting to review and promote, so there is some more content in the pipeline.

Welcome to my blog,  new Facebook friends, and stay tuned.


3 Responses to Facebook made me do it

  1. Sez Me! says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    I left OS a couple of weeks ago for essentially the same reason as you did.
    I have poked around a few sites and only heard about this one from Padraig Coleman (you’ll remember him from OS) today. I joined up here but have no idea how to do anything as yet.
    Should it happen that you find yourself with a few moments to spare, I could use all the assistance, tips, and other offerings you’d care to pass in my direction. (But if this is not something you care to do, I understand perfectly)

    I’ll be reading yer blogs………..Larry

  2. Mouhanad says:

    Hey there,

    I write many stuff about Facebook on my blog Not Sure…


    I hope you read My Facebook category.

    Mouhanad 😉

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